Urbani Foundation Begining


The foundation was established on July 8,2003 with the spontaneous donation from domestic and foreign individuals and establishments during the SARS epidemic period.In order to meet with the expectation of the public and to properly use the resources of the private sectors,as wellas to perform SARS and other infections diseases prevention,the foundation was so established.


This foundation is named after Dr.Carlo Urbani, an Italian doctor found SARS and devoted his life in fighting SARS.

He was an infectious-disease specialist in the World Health Organization(WHO)office in Hanoi,Vietnam.

WHO ask him to provide advice on a case of suspecred atypical pneumonia in an American businessman who had been admitted to the city’s French hospital in late Februry,2003. Understanding the severity of the syndrome,Dr.Carlo Urbani advised hospitial staff protective measures, including patient isolation,high-filter masker and double gowning.But unfortunately he was infected with the disease and died after fighting the illness.

In honoring his dedication and contribution,the Foundation proudly adopted his name.


Epidemic prevention,Health and Humanity Care.


With the understanding of “Prevention is more important than treatment” and “Rooting health education in community”, the Foundation intends to  from partnership with public and private sectors to empower the public on epidemic prevention.The following tasks are: to promote epidemic preventing education in communities, to bulid up epidemic prevention consulting network, to train manpower resources for epidemic prevention,to encourage research and study on infection disease,to afford consultation and related assistance, to specifed patients and their families, to facilitate international health.


*Education & Training*

(1)Community Epidemic Prevention Consulting Network Project

For concreting the community epidemic prevention and improving the image of the role of pharmacist, this project provides communities with systematic knowledge and skill on epidemic control, so to build up self-protection capability of general public and strengthen community epidemic control.Both ”Community Drug Store and Pharmacist Epidemic Control Education Plan” and “Community Public Epidemic Control Education Plan” held in 4 counties, then extend to other counties.

(2)Consulting Training Plan

Providing social work and psychological therapist with on job training for sharing experiences to strengthen their professional skills in helping patients and families under hazards.

(3)The joint meeting on related health deciplines.

Through the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience among social worlers and health workers, it is expected to provide overall physical,mental and spirit improvement for community public.

(4)Epidemic Control training program Preparing locak heakth workers with fundamental epidemic control knowledge and skills.

(5)Rural Area Students Education Promotion Plan

Organizing and training college students with public health background to work in rural areas and to provide school kids in culturally under privileged area with epidemic control education and health promotion

*Research and Scholarship*

(1)Urbani Epidemic Control Dissertation Award (Offers annually and           the cut-off date for 2004 is 2004.07.31)

For encouraging graduate students engage in the research of new and re-emerging epidemic disease control.

(2)Urbani Foundation Scholarship Providing the financial support for domestic talened persons in epidemic control and tropical medical research to study abroad or for project to prepare domestic manpower resources in epidemic control.

(3)Annually awarding the Excellent Local Epidemic Control Personnel awarding excellent local health and medical personnel for their contributions in epidemic control.

*International Affairs*

(1)Hosting international seminars in the control of new and re-emerging epidemic

Learning and sharing international experience, establishing information exchange channel and promoting the control of international epidemic abilty.

(2)Hosting cross Taiwan strait seminar in the control of new and re-emerging epidemic

Establishing cross Taiwan strait favorable interactive, mutual benefiting epidemic information exchange platform in private sectors.

*Assistance for SARS patients and families*

(1)Subsidizing children tuition fee To those whose family dies of SARS or disabled by SARS, the Foundation subsides their children’s tuition fee till university.

(2)Providing patients or their families with necessary assistance for their daily life, upon the outbreak of emergency epidemic.

(3)Cooperating with related private bodies in social assistance for patients.


(1)Publishing new epidemic control books and brochures.

“Winning Over SARS”(2nd edition)

(2)Health Education DM

”Control SARS Smartly, it is not terrible.”,”Cleaning Breeding Site,Shut Off Dengue Fever”.


We think”Knowledge is Power”.

When health education is widespreaded, it will promote national epidemic capacbility, and establish proper health habit. This is the only way to keep epidemic away. We expect to be an efficient, disciplined, idealistic and fruitful non-profit foundation.