The foundation was established on July 8,2003 with the spontaneous donation from domestic and foreign individuals and establishments during the SARS epidemic period. In order to meet with the expectation of the public and to properly use the resources of private sectors, as well as to perform SARS and other infections disease prevention, the foundation was so established.



This foundation is named after Dr. Carlo Urbani, an Italian doctor found SARS and devoted his life in fighting SARS.

He was an infectious-diseasa specialist in the World Health Organization(WHO)office in Hanoi,Vietnam. WHO asked him to provide advice on a case of suspected atypical pneumonia in an American businessman who had been admitted to the citys French hospital in late Februry,2003.Understanding the severity of the syndrome, Dr. Carlo Urbani advised hospitial staff protective measures, including patient isolation, high-filter masks and double gowning. But unfortunately he was infected with the disease and died after fighting the illness.

In honoring his dedication and contribution, the Foundation proudly adopted his name.